David Saucedo

Creative Director, Saucey Design Co.

10 years experience designing and creating awesome relationships with clients. I don’t know everything but I damn sure won’t turn down a challenge. I'd love to help you with your creative challenges. I'll work hard to keep your projects organized and on time.

La Familia

This is the gang I do all this for. They are the core to my creativity. Artistic and athletic kiddos and a wife that is the glue to the chaos. I owe all my success to them.


How can I help your business?

I’ve worked with marketing teams for 10 years and in that time I’ve learned a little bit about the entire machine. If you are a team that needs an extra pair of hands or a business that is struggling with strategy, I can be your side kick and together we can get your job done.

Webflow Development

Design and build simple websites with easy to use CMS that makes it easy to maintain and update.


I help small businesses strategize a cohesive message and develop a unified design system.

Marketing Design

Capable of taking on common marketing tasks to keep your campaign on schedule and consistent.

Explainer Animations

Help you explain your products via well planned and organized storyboards and videos.

Motions Graphics

Able to design appealing graphics for use in your video content.

Product Renders

Build and create photorealistic imagery for various marketing needs.

Want to work together?

Currently available for projects.

Let's Chat!

Designing with grit and passion.
Let's team up and get your job done.

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