I partner with marketing teams to develop creative.

Branding & Webflow

Developed a brand identity and multi language website in Webflow for a non-profit in Rio de Janiero.

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Logo & Identity System

Designed a logo for a large fight competition hosted by FloSports that broadcasted live nationwide.

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Animated Digital Ads

Worked with a marketing team to create a series of animated banner ads to promote new releases.

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Corporate Design System

A consistent and scalable design system for an e-commerce website.

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Gym Logo & Web Design

Logo and web design with connection to their guest services for a local Muay Thai gym.

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3D Product Renders

Worked with a variety of clients to bring their products to life in a 3 dimensional form for use in marketing campaigns and animations.

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Product Animation

Worked closely with a product team to produce a high end animation to be featured in a kickstarter campaign.

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Star Wars Packaging Renders

Art directed composition, lighting and 3D rendering of products for a full line of Star Wars robotic toys.

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Branding & Identity

Developed a brand identity system for an elegant jewelry designer based in Paris.

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Offered Services

Every engagement is treated in a unique manner. I’ll work with you and your team to figure out the exact needs to accomplish your goals, whether that means full project ownership or collaboration with an existing team, I got your back. Let's get to work!

Webflow Development

Design and build websites with easy to use CMS that makes it easy to maintain and update.


Help your  business strategize a cohesive message and develop a unified design system.

Marketing Design

Taking on common marketing tasks to keep your campaign on schedule and consistent.

Explainer Animations

Help you explain your products via well planned and organized storyboards and videos.

Motions Graphics

Sweet animations for your video content. I can edit too!

Product Renders

Build and create photorealistic imagery for various marketing needs.

Word on the streets

“I originally came to David looking for someone to design a logo for my NGO and what we walked away with was an identity. David is someone who understands the importance of having a strong brand and how to construct one that stands out in a saturated marketplace.”

Dylan Brown

A.C.E., Founder/Director

"Don't be fooled by a mellow demeanor and laid back style, David is 100% "laid forward." He moves fast and gives you more than you expected to consider bringing you new angles and ideas with every round of design, a result of his innate bias for problem solving and design thinking."

Stuart Johnson

Chief Growth Officer, Brand Manager

"David's design prowess is simply amazing, from designing websites to creating videos, he really is a jack of all trades. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a designer that can GSD, work across mediums and bring together a cohesive story for your company."

Gillian Owen

CEO & Co-Founder at Cadence Labs

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