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The Problem

The product team at Sphero envisioned an autonomous robot that could be hacked and customized to do virtually anything you can think of. Like most new products, they needed to raise money to bring it to fruition and mass produced in to the market. As this was still a work in progress they required some technical animations to sell the high level technology that was yet to be created.

The Result

With only some basic CAD models and a few internal parts confirmed, I was asked to "imagine" the rest. With a rough direction in creative, I modeled a few extra parts to make it a believable product and then used the model to create several animated scenes that would help explain the future product in detail. I story boarded and mapped out the sequences that hit the major points requested by the team. Once the scenes were complete, I edited all the shots together to create a full product animation that was used throughout the campaign.

Full Animation
Style Frames
AE Composite
AE Composite


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