Muay Thai ATX


Logo Design, Apparel, Landing Page Development (Webflow)

The Problem

A new Austin, Texas based martial arts gym dedicated to training elite fighters in the art of Muay Thai needed an entire branding package for their grand opening. Since they were a new gym in town they needed an easy way to get members to sign up and an easy site to maintain.

The Result

A hand illustrated logo with custom typography that embraced the heritage and sprit of the Muay Thai culture while also proudly showing the Texas strong colors (red, white and blue). The website was designed in Webflow using a well organized CMS that made it easy for the instructors to update class schedules, member profiles and new visitor inquires.


Final Website

I created a simple easy to update website that the instructors could maintain themselves using Webflow as their platform. All inquires linked up to their existing service provider and I was able to train them on how to make future updates themselves.


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