Activity Cards


UX, UI, Development

Sphero, an educational robotics business, ventured in to the creation of educational card packs meant to be used along side their products in classrooms. The card packs were sold in packs and covered an array of subjects to teach students basic coding language and problem solving skills. Although the cards were sold as physical packs, they needed to be hosted online as well. I was asked to create an easy to maintain home for over 100 cards and more to come later in the year.

Roadmap to success

With the anticipation of many categories of cards, there was a need for an easy upload session on the client side and an easy to understand navigation by students and teachers on the consumer side. From a rough sketch, I began to experiment with how all these cards would easily be uploaded as they were released in the future.  

Process Planning

cms Driven

The power of webflow allowed me to set up a custom CMS that would give the product team easy accessibility to update and add new cards in the future. Easy to understand fields to fill in would automatically populate a new category of cards anytime they were ready.
Back-end Development
Mobile Screen Design

School Device Ready

Research revealed that most schools utilize Chromebooks so it was important to make sure the designs accommodated for those particular dimensions. With careful planning and some iteration I was able to provide an easy understandable experience for young learners and teachers for over 100 activities in different categories.
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